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I was an ms thesis student at Arizona State University with a Computer Science major

I worked as a Graduate Researcher at Autonomous Agents and Intelligent Robotics Lab. I built smart autonomous agents using deep learning tools and AI planning that can assist humans in their daily lives. Also, I was the TA for the graduate level course CSE 571 Artificial Intelligence at ASU where I created assignments on search, planning, game trees and probabilistic reasoning using ROS and Gazebo.

Currently, I have a full-time offer from Amazon and I'm looking for a better opportunity in the area of Computer Vision and AI/ML.

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what i did and do.

AI Planning & Robotics

Built smart autonomous agents using deep learning tools and AI planning

  • Robot Perception (ROS & OpenCV)
  • Task Planning
  • Motion Planning (ROS & OpenRAVE)

Teaching Assistant

Grader & Teaching Assistant for the course CSE 571: Artificial Intelligence

  • Developed assignments in ROS and Gazebo
  • Developed auto-graders for homeworks & assignments
  • Helped undergrads with AI concepts

Personal Development

Developing smart applications with machine and deep learning

  • Machine/Deep Learning
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Google AIY VoiceKit

recent work.

Here's some of my recent work

  • all
  • machine/deep learning
  • ai
Automated Car Parking Detection

Roblocks: An Educational System for AI Planning and Reasoning

Automated Car Parking Detection

Automated Car Parking Detection

3D Object Reconstruction

3D Object Reconstruction

Visual Servoing

Visual Servoing



Google VoiveKit

Virtual Math Teacher

Smart Voice

Voice controlled music player

Game Trees

Ping Pong game using Game Trees

AI Search

AI Search using ROS & Gazebo

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Tempe, Arizona

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(+1) 949 546 5905

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